Friday, March 8, 2013

Why and How to pair Scotch and Chocolate

Hello All,

    As mentioned earlier, I and my friends are gonna throw a party tomorrow, during lunch hours, where we intend to try out some cool Scotch - Food pairings. Well, being a typical hyderabadi, it is common to assume that biryani, lamb and other spicy meat preparations would be tried out with the Scotch. Aha. Not so fast, I actually wanna try something new, something international and something rich with my Scotch.
    A note about the spirits first, we procured two bottles of Scotch for tomorrow.  A bottle of Black Dog Quintessence and a bottle of Black Dog Reserve. We also added to the cart, another dozen bottles of beer, a few breazers, cool drinks, club soda, ..

    The good part, I am planning to have chocolate with the Scotch. The reasons include

  • It is a challenge to find the ideal chocolate and scotch pairing. For the aroma and flavours of both Scotch and Chocolate must complement and augment each other
  • The regional characteristics of both Scotch and Chocolate can play good role in effecting the pairing and the experience
  • The pairing is an art and not science.
    So what are the considerations I have in my mind now?

Black Dog Reserve
  1. Well, along with a bottle of scotch, I shall carry a box of sweets (chocolates & candies). I plan to have a sip of scotch and then a chocolate to find out the best pairings
  2. Since Black Dog Quintessence  has citrus I am considering complementing it with sweet chocolate with hint of ginger.
  3. Expecting to find and order a box of bonbon (a kind of chocolate) by tomorrow, so that fruitier notes of Black Dog Quintessence are brought out by the bonbon
  4. I want to try caramel with the Black Dog Reserve to enjoy it.
  5. I also want to try out various brands of chocolates (like our dairy milk silk) along with scotch.  

Got any more ideas to share? Do let me know. Also stay tuned to this blog, for I shall post about the pairings I liked the most soon.



  1. hmmmm....... wine and food pairing are quite common now - but this is a new thing!! Do let us know how it went, and your discoveries please .... :-) !!

  2. which choc have u selected dude... eager to know which one pairs with the black dog.


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