Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trivia: Alcohol and Army

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   How did the weekend start? Well, at our end, salaries got credited. So it is party time again. Yesterday, I had fun digging into facts about Alcohol and Scotch as a part of my efforts in sharing my love of Black Dog Reserve with you all. Today we have a few more facts, this time related to Military Men and Alcohol. Why Military men? No one loves his Scotch like the good old G.I. (General Infantry) Here we go with a few facts:

  • At the beginning of World War I, prohibition was introduced in the Russian Empire. Army officers were ordered to restrain from Alcohol unless there was a foreign guest. Six months into the war, and Russian Officers were always ready to entertain a foreign guest.
    Army Alcohol
  • During the prohibition days in USA, alcohol wasn’t served to troops on ships. Since a little beer always raised the morale of troops, during the prohibition days, officers ensured that beer was available to soldiers every now and then just off the ship. It was wrong to drink on the ship but not wrong to come back drunk.
  • The availability of beverage alcohol was seen by military authorities as good for morale and the war effort throughout the history of world.
  • In World War II, every Russian soldier at the front was given a daily
    Black Dog
    ration of vodka — roughly a shot's worth
  • Prior to the United States entering World War II, those supporting Prohibition thought they had yet another chance to ban alcohol.
  • World War II soldiers drank much more heavily than their World War I predecessors Army officers were given up-to one bottle of hard liquor every two weeks
  • There were many a World War II pilots who were under-aged when it comes to drinking. So, the army bars used to have a poster saying “To get a drink, Get a warrant from your mom”.

    It was a little hard to dig into these facts. Got any source which tells about facts like this? Kindly do share with me.  Also, forget not to enjoy the weekend.

Abhishek Boinapalli

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