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Hotel Taj Palace -- Delhi

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   Today, I have, one more guest post from Miss Manasa Edward, the co-author of QuotesN. She is a regular reader of my blogs, a contributor
Luxury Scotch
to various print magazines, a traveller, a scotch lover and the mother of the cutest devil I know. You can read her previous article by visiting this link Here we go:


At least once a year, I make it a point to visit a new destination. Whenever I travel on these pleasure trips, I save a load of money and enjoy a stay at the best five - star hotel in the place. One might wonder why this kolaveri-di (read, why this extra strain).

Black Dog Scotch

Well, a five-star joint for sure becomes one of the major highlight of the trip sometimes due to host of reasons including scenic views, wonderful food, in house entertainment, elegance and grace, warmth of service, rich heritage, king size life, the special bouquet of freshest flowers / gifts they usually give and much more.

One such wonderful place is Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi. Standing apart in service, its facilities and of course, in its distinguished
Taj Palace
patronage, this hotel has played host to Heads of State, corporate moguls and high profile businessmen from across the world and is nestled in six acres of lush greens in the exclusive Diplomatic Enclave of the city.

Should you visit Taj Palace Hotel, don’t forget to enjoy a game of golf. They have a great nine hole putting green at the hotel and a private club near-by. After a game of golf, the right way to unwind and relax is by sipping Scotch. Don’t forget to ask for the Black Dog Reserve / Black Dog Quintessence, for these two are the luxurious drinks which cheer me up the most.


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