Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Black Dog as Gift

Hello All,

    Today, I have an announcement, a good news and a gift with me. The winter 2012 results of AMIE are released. They are accessible on th
Exam Results
e official site now. The good news is I have cleared all subjects attempted in winter 2012, though I don’t know the grades yet, I am gonna party tomorrow for sure. The gift I have is from the crazy Ms. Kavya, my friend, the best prankster I know and a scotch lover. The gift is, a bottle of Black Dog Quintessence. That is the spirit of gifting, (mocking all my friends who didn’t send a gift till now).

    I was wondering, what could be the right occasion where I can gift a total stranger / friend / relative a Black Dog and share the love of scotch
with him or her. Though my society enjoys scotch, as per the age old customs, traditions and elders,  we aren’t supposed to. Alcohol and its derivatives aren’t yet openly accepted in India. So, as mentioned earlier, my guiding principle in such issues is

Any act / any practise that doesn't hurt people around, that does wish well for everyone around, that shows love care and affection to people around and is legal as per law of the land isn't a sin any more.

So, it is never a bad idea to present a bottle of the finest scotch available to a friend who has achieved something or is striving hard to achieve something. Scotch for sure lightens the world, helps men unwind, relax and become healthier. Now that Black Dog is available i
Black Dog
n so many variants including the Reserve, the Deluxe, the Quintessence and the Centenar, it is the right time to add Black Dog to the list of luxurious gifts,  to which you want to treat your men and friends to. Are you good at pairing food and Scotch? Then, throw a party and show your talents to your friends.

What have you got to say about this topic? Is Black Dog a good gift? Is alcohol a good gift? What gift would you give to

someone to make him special??

Abhishek Boinapalli

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