Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Food and Scotch Pairings

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Food and Wine
This Saturday, my friends are throwing out a party. Since we got time to plan it by ourselves, I thought I will do some research on pairing drinks and food together. Most of my friends are into scotch this time, excepting a few buddies with beers. Hence I was researching about foods that compliment my scotch. Here is a brief report from my research.

Scotch and Soup:
Consider rounding out the smoky, peaty touch of scotch with savory notes of soup and sweetness of fruits. A dash of honey does a marvelous job here

Scotch and Appetizer:
Sushi goes well with almost every scotch. Black Dog 21 yr old has nutty taste of crushed almonds. When scotch is nutty, one must try sesame seeds, soy sauce and honey to compliment the scotch.

Scotch and Fish:
Food Pairings
A good rule, when serving drink and food together, is to use food native to the region where drink was made. So research for fishes, in the vicinity of your brewery/distillery. Scotland in general is famous for Salmon and Herring

Scotch and Meat:
Gamey meats, Chocolate and Meat dishes go well with Scotch. Be careful and try to avoid garlic intense dishes. If there is spice in the scotch, try it with a spicy dish of meat.

Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel sauces go together with scotch.

General Notes:
  • Don't overwhelm the food or drink with the flavor of the other
  • Smoked foods pair better with sweet scotches.
  • Citrus doesn't go well with Scotch.

Post Research Conclusion:
Luxury Scotch
     The entire purpose of food pairing, is to pull forth the various flavors from scotch and then go gaga over them individually. It is an art in itself and there is something in this art, which everyone can discover and indulge in

More info can be found here and here. How do you pair your food? What is your drink and what food goes well with it?? Any Indian dishes that go well with Black Dog 21 yr old ? Consider sharing with me.


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