Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Drink Responsibly

Hello All,

    How is everything going? We had a spike of traffic in the past 3 days. Thank you for everyone for the same. I have been blogging almost everyday from the past 10 days and sharing only one thing viz “My newfound love of Scotch in general and Black Dog Scotch in particular”. Today, one of my friend advised me to write something on drinking within limits, drinking responsibly and not abusing drink. 


    Well, I seriously had no idea about how I must wager into this topic. All I could think of was “Drink, responsibly. Drink, after you attain legal drinking age.” But now I have some beautiful words taken from The Immortals of Meluha from Shiva Trilogy (and slightly modified). Here we go

Stability allows a person the freedom of choice, my friend. People can pursue their dreams only when they are living in a society where there is stability.  In a society without security and stability, there are no intellectuals or businessmen or artists or geniuses.  Without stability, man is constantly in fight or flight mode. Nothing better than an animal.
Civilisation is very fragile. All it takes is a few decades of chaos for us to forget humanity and turn into animals. Our base natures can take over very fast. We can forget that we are sentient beings, with laws and codes and ethics.

That is the curse of constant strife. It makes us forget the most beautiful part of being human. That is why society must remain stable so that we don’t put each other in a situation of having to fight for survival.’

Drink, smoke, weed or anything which disturbs such stability at personal level or at the society level is quite harmful. All we need to do, is draw a boundary, a boundary which is unique for every person based on him/her will power. All we need to do is ensure, that our activities and their consequences don’t disturb such the stability of the society, don’t make our lives dangerous / miserable.

What is your opinion on drinking? Where do we set the boundaries?
How do we prevent addiction and abuse? Do let me know your thoughts.  Kindly consider sharing them over the facebook page of my favourite scotch

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