Thursday, March 28, 2013

Globalization and Brands


    Hope you are doing well. Even after writing so many blog posts, I seriously have no idea about what can be called as great way to start a blog post. Anyway, today me and my friends were discussing over lunch, about what might be the three important changes globalisation brought into our lives with respect to day to day life. Everyone had a different point to add but my points are here:

Brand Craze
    I now have easy access to global cuisine. The olden days of home food only, good old country tea stalls Irani Chai Cafe were gone. Now the joints I frequent are named as KFC, McDonalds, SubWay, U. S. Pizza, Coffee Day, TGI’s Friday, Pizza Hut and such. The food I eat ain’t limited to traditional rice based dishes, I have access to multi-cuisine restaurants, wonderful chocolates and spice-less food of the western world.

    Well, thanks to Globalisation / Westernisation, my folks started using every brand available including Nike, puma, Reebok, pepe jeans London, Gucci, DKNY, and what not.  When it comes to me, I still prefer formal clothing, decent and plain attire. So I prefer brands like Peter England, White House, Arrow, Oxemberg and other country made goods.

    This is one area, where I am thankful for the globalisation. Blessed be
Black Dog
the soul of the man, who brought / introduced Black Dog in India. Had it not been for him, I would have missed some of the biggest moments in my life. Imagine, someone in Scotland,  works hard for years to make the perfect drink for me to unwind and relax and I get it over the counter here. That is the power of Globalisation.   Also bless the soul of the makers of tuborg beer, grey goose vodka.

What are the brands made available to you by the concept of
globalisation, without which you can't live? Coming to other updates, I decided to try the Couch to 5KM program and am gonna start it from Sunday onwards. It typically is a 8 week long exercise program aimed at running 5 km non-stop at the end of eight week. Got any tips, advices and points to share with me, do let me know. 

Abhishek Bionapalli

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