Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Visit To Scotland

Hello All,

    It is that time of the month, when I start looking back, trying to track how the month went by, how many extra round of snacks I had, how much did I spend beyond the budget, how many times I cheated the exe
Black Dog Scotch
rcise journal, how many classes did I skip, how many weekends did I waste,  how much cash I need to have in hand to bail out my friends till the next salary and many more things. So, while reflecting back on the doings of the past month, I was kind of happy, I almost posted every single day on this blog, this month about my love of Scotch in general and Black Dog Reserve in particular. So, I wondered how a visit to Scotland, where the finest scotch of the world is made,  would be:


If I ever get a chance to visit Scotland,  the list of events / things to which I look forward include

  • Visiting some of the finest scotch making centres of the world.
  • Meeting and talking with at-least half a dozen master blenders who make Scotch such a wonderful drink. It would be my pleasure just to shake hands with one of these blenders
  • Try angler fishing, just like the great James MacKinlay who launched Black Dog Scotch and if possible catch / eat a salmon or other fishes which are local to Scotland
  • Mix a spoon of water from Spey and Tay rivers with Black Dog Reserve and sip it slowly taking in the aroma and the richness
  • Try some local chocolate and Scotch pairings.
  • Play a bag-piper, try a kilt, and much more
    Black Dog

Well, how are your month ends? Do you plan to visit Scotland? If you won a lottery and the prize is an all paid trip to Scotland which you can design including modes of travel, places to visit then how will you design your trip? Do let me know.

Abhishek Boinapalli

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