Sunday, March 3, 2013

Unwind after a hectic day -- Reader's Story

Hello All,

Today I have, to share a reader's story. Mr. Prakash yesterday messaged  me his story via the google plus, arguing why I should hurry up with my plans and start unwinding with a sip of Black Dog, the Luxury brand. Here is what he has to say:
Young Engineer

    “In the year 2000, I graduated from IIT bombay in auto-mobile engineering and then joined IIM Ahmedabad to learn business management. My stint at IIM didn’t go well and I dropped out much to the dismay of my father. Undoubtedly my dad didn’t actually like my plan of setting up a workshop to manufacture what I felt in those days, my baby.

    I was interested in bagging deals from auto-mobile majors and supplying spares to them. I had few designs to try, which I was sure, would make a fortune to me. My dad had other plans. Being an experienced man,  my dad was kind enough to lend me a small loan sufficient to put up a workshop and two years time to try out my ideas before taking up the family business.

    My first six months passed out without my knowledge. Every Day was hectic, trying to get clients, looking into details of the layout of my workshop, finding employees and other million tasks which pop up the moment you sit down to relax after finishing the previous one. I didn’t yet bag a single customer.

    20th March 2003, I was to give a presentation to a grey haired gentleman from Japan. He could really give me a big break. The day didn’t start well, thanks to delay of the flight, to jet-lag of this gentleman and his hectic schedule. We meet over dinner again to talk about the deal. There were so many financial and technical issues on which both of us didn’t agree. He was quite short-tempered and was getting irritated about many a things.

    Once he started sipping Black Dog, 18 year old, all began to change. He really relaxed, stopped getting irritated, started enjoying the drink. After the second drink, he really started enjoying the fish and the evening. Of-course I didn’t bag the deal. Seemingly all I got on that day, were a few leads. Nothing more.
Black Dog Scotch

    The leads of-course helped me. It took another eight months of hard-work to bag a customer. Though it wasn’t in the class of deals which I wanted to bag, it was still a deal. Ten years from that day, I became one of the biggest supplier of gears to Tata Motors. That day, I earned a few contacts and the knowledge that right drink is needed to unwind.  From that day, Black Dog is my favourite. I treat myself to a sip of Black Dog at-least once a month.”

    You got a similar story? Do share with me.

Wishing prakash all success
Abhishek Boinapalli

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