Monday, June 11, 2012

Purpose of Blog -- Is Boozing A Sin?

Hello All,

     This is Abhishek Boinapalli from Hyderabad, India, the author and administrator of this wonderful blog *Yeah, it would become wonderful for sure*.

    Being born and brought up in a middle-class Indian family I was taught repeatedly that it is bad to booze or to have wine yet time and again every guest of importance was treated with finest of the available spirits with pleasure. I was told repeatedly by both the Bible and by people that to booze is a sin.
Fine Spirits, Finest Spirits, Indian Spirits
Fine Spirits
  Well Well, this opinion has now changed. After careful and much needed research of literature, of thoughts and of people, the conclusion I came to is very very simple:

        Any act / any practise that doesn't hurt people around, that does wish well for everyone around, that shows love care and affection to people around and is legal as per law of the land isn't a sin any more.

Wine Glasses, Glasses to drink wine
Wine Glass
     When something isn't a taboo and you wish to do it, you must give your best to it. You are supposed to work hard, earn the right to make true your wish and live your dream of boozing (or) of being rich (or) of being an Officer of Indian Army.

       There wouldn't be any fun in drinking the same toddy everyday right? So this blog is all about boozing, benefits of boozing, taboos in boozing, finest sprits every man dreams of and would soon have articles about everything from choosing right wine, giving right wine as gift, drinking the right beer, the myths to lore of the world of boozing. In simple words, this blog would be everything that a man needs to know about spirits (beer, whiskey, brandy, wine, gin, rum,.....) and the right approach to boozing *I at-least wish this blog becomes like that*. Hope everyone would love the blog and help me in making this quite successful.

Hoping to drink a toast for your health, wealth and success of this blog,
Abhishek Boinapalli

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  1. It is a subject which many do not want to talk about in middle class societies.My friends feel upset that their husband consume alcohol, and try to avoid talking about it.

    But, if it does not hurt anyone, including the one who consumes it, why not know about it more?

    That is my curiosity over this topic. I plan to follow what you write about this :-)


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