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Caesar Genuine Grape Brandy

Caesar Brandy, Caesar Genuine Grape Brandy, Mc Dowells Brandy
Caesar Brandy
         Caesar Genuine Grape Brandy  is a premium brandy available in India from United Spirits Limited (USL) *earlier  McDowell and Company Limited* is well known for its dark gold colour, balanced aroma of rich grapes, honey and vanilla, woody characters and spicy taste which is complemented by rich oak.

         Considered an excellent brandy by brandy lovers. The bottle is quite stylish and the fragrance is quite cool. The taste is the same till you go for the bottom sip.

Caesar Brandy, Caesar Genuine Grape Brandy, Mc Dowells Brandy
Mc Dowells Brandy
         Brandy is usually drunk neat *i.e. a single, unmixed liquor served without being cooled and without any water / ice / mixer.* at room temperature from a snifter of a tulip glass. You can of-course drink it *on the rocks* i.e. throw a few cubes of ice into the drink to cool it down a little and make it more pleasant.      

   In case you wanna check out alternatives in this segment, you can try Bejois Brandy by Amrut Distilleries          Wanna check it out? Do let me know how you feel about it!! Already enjoying this premium brand of Brandy? Do help me out by giving a proper review of this drink.

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