Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beer In India

     Who on the earth don't know the fact that BEER is the worlds most widely consumed alcoholic beverage? Well Well, I even know the fact that water and tea are the only avialable beverages which beat BEER in popularity.

   Coming to beer in India, the industry is booming and the top beers available *listed below* are definitely worth a try.
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Haywards: With its light bodied nature, watery tasting is my first preference. Haywards is famous for its brands Haywards 10000, Haywards 5000 and Haywards 2000. The Haywards premium black (strong, dark colored with a heavy malty taste) is available in select Indian markets and is for sure the first stout beer in India.

Kingfisher: (The king of good times) from the Vijay Mallya's United Breweries is most recognized and widely available beer. Light tasting, easy drinking with plenty of malt. Kingfisher ultra is a lifestyle choice. One thing for sure is, life is refreshing when you select the right King-Fisher beer.

Royal Challenge: is another mild beer with long brewing cycle, quite a full bodied nature and is quite tasty too.

Budweiser: A fresh, light tasting beer for those kids @college and for those men who are reminding themselves of college.

Other Distinctive beers available include:

Kalyani Black Label: famous across eastern India for its mellowed brew and extra bite
Kings beer goa, Beer In Goa, Beer In India
Kings Beer

Kings beer of Goa: *No luck yet. Only available in Goa*. A very tasty, pale coloured beer famous for its aroma of smoky malt.

Foster's: This Aussie beer is full-bodied, malty and enjoyable.

Top 5 Beers In India
Best Beers In India

  Do let me know, what your favourite beer is? Which among the above beers have you enjoyed and what is the right time to enjoy beer?

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  1. There is no doubt that beer industry is booming today in India.Lots of top beers available in India like: - Haywards, Kingfisher, Royal Challenge, Budweiser etc.Budweiser is a fresh, light tasting beer for those kids @college and for those men who are reminding themselves of college. I think Budweiser is also good brand of beer in India. Budweiser beer is a classic American-style lager, which has a perfect balance of flavor and refreshment.


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